“Over the last 20 years, I have been building my company with the unique aim to offer the best quality of products combined with competitive prices.”

“I earned the respect and trust of worldwide customers I am proud to support their investment when they choose one of our brands.”




In 1990, Wasfi Taher had a degree in business administration from Beirut Arab University. Then he headed for Switzerland, attracted by its long watchmaking tradition. Determinate to succeed, he quickly established relationship with several Swiss watch factories, setting himself up as a retailer.

By the mid-1990 he launched his own company, RibaWatch, which head office is actually based in Le Locle, the heart of watchmaking industry. Today RibaWatch has grown far over Mr TAHER expectations as RibaWatch owns 6 different brands, all successful and every brand is integrated in a particular market :





- MUREX (1995) : First brand to come out from the project of Mr TAHER. Today it

offers two range collection : A Fashion one and a Diamond range.







- OPTIMA (2002) : an old Swiss watch brand founded with a renewed soul, since it was

acquired by the group.






- MERCURY (2003) : with the desire to create new things, a sport-gentle watches

collection with Mercury as Brand name was set up as He projected to be able to

overcome new trends.





- GEOVANI (2003) : from the increasing Middle East Countries maket was created

this jewellery timepieces collections. Still today the luxury collection by excellence of

the group with full diamond set watch collection.






- FAROS (2005) : the first attempt to propose smart and low-priced fashion







Sorted in 6 different brands we produce 200 different watch models and a total of 1000 different colour and style combination. A collection of this size requires a huge amount of work for our design team as they need every day to create, transform, adapt and correct so the collection remains at the top of fashion and luxury standards. As well, the production team finalize more than 550 complete watches per day perfectly assembled and controlled, packed and ready for delivery.